Saturday, February 23, 2013

Theodore Roosevelt Nat. Park

Laurel Fork Falls, the Eureka Chrysalis, packing the Zimmerbuilt

I'm working on a long timelapse vid and the first part of this vid is me dayhiking to get footage. Part two in this vid is trying out the Chrysalis hammock system by Eureka ~a big thanks to BajaHanger~, part 3 is test packing the Zimmerbuilt backpack. This Zimmerbuilt is focused on using the 'OBS=one bag system' where the entire hammock sleeping kit is stuffed into one compartment.

To WaterRock

Hiking to WaterRock Knob

Monday, February 11, 2013

Moving Waters of Ripshin

I had to check on the cabin today and had 30 min's to spare, thought I show some of the other waters of Ripshin Mountain.

Nex-6 meets water

Went to check on the cabin this afternoon and had 30 minutes to set up the tripod.....the results are here. Nex-6, kit lens,
polarizing filter.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Star Field TL via Nex-6

If you look on YouTube you'll see 3 versions of this timelapse...versions differing based on adjustments made in Bridge as to white balance and exposure. When doing this it is a compromise as to how many stars do you want to reveal versus how much noise in the individual photos.